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Our visitors have many options so as to make their holidays literally unforgettable. Kommo beach, an unspoiled, charming stretch of golden sand offers endless carefree hours under the protection of its trees and a majestic sunset to seal the day. And for those who decide to explore the evening, a unique experience awaits them watching the famous Karetta Karetta emerging from the sea to lay their eggs. If morning suits you better, you can stand witness to the thousand-year-old procedure of the baby turtles breaking free from their shells to start their life's journey. Kommo beach is a protected area for the Karetta Karetta.


Another way to enjoy the beach is on a horseback ride starting from Pitsidia, where you can rent one or more horses. The experience is best with a full moon lighting the way!


Those who want a "deeper" view of the area's beauty are encouraged to try scuba diving in our island's exotic deep blue. With the use of a mask and snorkel the simple swimmer can see the amphorae from the shipwreck of Menelao's ships that have become one over the years, while in Matala they can see the ancient city of Matala below the water, an experience guaranteed to lure you into the ancient aura that lovingly embraces the area!

For those seeking adventure and a different level of satisfaction, a deep sea dive with independent diving equipment is allowed in the area of Tzigouna, near the village Lentas, about 30 km away.

You could enjoy underwater fishing in our seas, unless of course you are visiting in May when amateurs are prohibited from this sport. Despite these minor restrictions, you will surely be enchanted by the variety of fish that you will come across, and if luck is on your side, eat as well!

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